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Growing our Charity

Posted on 27 June 2020

I want to sow a seed with this piece. I use that phrase to hint at a possible connection between music and gardening. For years in writing about gardening, I have said things like “in tune with nature”, compared compost to ground bass in music (ha ha), and latterly, selling plants in aid of the Byre Choir, I’ve used the slogan “plants make you sing, music makes you grow”. I’ve also wondered if there’s any science behind this; after all, in singing you breathe out carbon dioxide that the plant uses.

Perhaps it’s the word “growing” that brings them together – – it is, surely, a fundamental aim of therapy that people should grow in their lives through care from a therapist who holds them safely while they explore the nature of their problems, finding ways forward. The picture for this blog piece says this loud and clear; it’s from a card sent to me by a student to thank me for working with her for all her university career. She had been sorely damaged by her childhood; but she ended up getting her degree and moving forward — she grew.

And if growing our charity means becoming more rooted in the community, what could be better than selling plants to boost our funds. We already have a few generous donors who have not only bought some of my plants but have also contributed by offering their own plants for sale. We will be arranging more sales both on-line and at real events – watch this space.

Meanwhile, you might enjoy this link between music and gardening, from my friend Tim Bayley, a founder member of the York Waits. He is both a brilliant musician and a very keen gardener; he showed me this old CD protecting the leeks he’s growing – Early Music grows the plants!