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Rooted in the Community

Posted on 1 June 2021

In my previous blog about growing the charity, I used the idea that I was sowing a seed, along with the image of a plant growing in a pot held by its carer, to suggest the notion that my two main passions – gardening and music – might be linked.

I take these ideas further in this piece. The way in which plants grow in their community of soil is utterly amazing, and can illustrate so much about the way in which life depends on incredible complexities of relationships – plants needing nutrients are helped by other organisms that need the energy that plants can supply – and I want to use that image for thinking about the growth of the charity – by becoming rooted in the community.

The aim of the charity is to help with the fostering of relationships – an absolutely central part of human life, and to do this, we will be learning more about our community in North Yorkshire, and taking part in local events so that we all know each other better, and we develop supportive networks.

In terms of plant growth, the charity now has a set of plants for sale, to support us in raising funds and to show what is at the heart of therapy – caring and nurturing. We will be holding local events, with plant sales, of course, as well as other sales – and a chance to hear about music’s role in enhancing community as we grow our roots.

We’ve now had the first of these events. It took place two weeks ago in Barton le Willows, where Jo Danischewsky, one of our Trustees, is on the Committee of the Village Hall – a very useful connection so we could be planted on the green outside the Hall. It went really well, with a constant flow of people to see us and buy plants, have a cup of tea and a piece of cake and learn about music therapy – and a very special thing, to meet each other in the sunshine after all this dreary social isolation.

Setting up these events has been a lovely experience for me; many people have come forward to help – giving us plants and selling them, carrying tables, putting up gazebos, making cakes, serving refreshments, and making music. It’s really come home that when we work together, we build a community.

And if you as a neighbour would like to take part in this project (rooting for the charity!) by holding an event in your local area, please contact us.