Inclusive music therapy group sessions for parents and carers of children up to 36 months old

A parent and child music therapy group supports and promotes general and specific well-being for both child and parent. Depending on the child’s stage of cognitive development, musical activities will work on:


The group session will help in enhancing individual relationships with the child. Through the use of music, parents may find a special and positive space with their child, and thus may feel more self-confident in their parenting skills. They can apply the strategies learnt in the sessions to day-to-day life.

Child motor and language development

In parent and child group sessions, the child is encouraged to participate in music making according to his or her stage of development. Music becomes a motivational feature to support motor and language skills.

Self confidence

Through the use of music, parents can feel more self-confident in their parenting skills.

In group sessions they find a special and a positive space with their child and they can use strategies learnt in sessions in day to day life.

 The therapist will provide clinical observations to be shared with families and health professionals.

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