Group sessions support involvement in the social life. They help build a deep sense of community and empathetic support among the members. Music therapy groups support the creation of a group identity based on trust and respect of each individual within the group.

After a few assessment sessions, the therapist will be able to identify specific aims to address the Clients’ needs. The aims will be formalised in the Therapist’s reports. The therapist will periodically meet the family/carers or institution to share insights from the music therapy sessions.  It will be possible to review the aims of the sessions according to the Clients’ best interest.

If the therapy is taking place in an institution, we suggest planning a meeting every three months with the School Team or Health Professionals to best address the client’s needs.

If illustrative records consent has been signed, the therapist will periodically involve the family/carers and institution in sharing brief video clips from the music therapy sessions as part of the therapeutic process.

At the end of a course of therapy, the therapist will provide a hard-copy final report to the Institution/School and to the Family/carers.

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